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Albert Einstein

The school should always have as its aim that the
young person leave it as a harmonious personality,
not as a specialist.
Ibid., 64. The next quotation, written sixteen years later, reveals
what might otherwise happen.
Otherwise, he—with his specialized knowledge—
more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a
harmoniously developed person.
From an interview with Benjamin Fine, New York Times, October
5, 1952. Reprinted as “Education for Independent
Thought” in Ideas and Opinions, 66. Einstein Archives

Albert Einstein

Freedom of teaching and of opinion in book or press
is the foundation for the sound and natural development
of any people.
From an address written for a gathering of university
teachers that never took place, 1936. Published as “At a
Gathering for Freedom of Opinion” in Out of My Later
Years, 183–184; Einstein Archives 28-333

Albert Einstein

The real difficulty, the difficulty that has baffled the
sages of all times, is this: how can we make our
teaching so potent in the emotional life of man that
its influence should withstand the pressure of the
elemental psychic forces in the individual?
From an address at Swarthmore College, June 6, 1938. Published
as “Morals and Emotions” in Out of My Later Years.
Einstein Archives 29-083

Albert Einstein

*Only understanding for our neighbors, justice in
our own dealings, and willingness to help our fellow
men can give human society permanence and
assure security for the individual. Neither intelligence
nor inventions nor institutions can serve as
substitutes for these most vital parts of education.
From a CBS radio address for the United Jewish Appeal,
March 21, 1939. See also Jerome, Einstein on Israel and Zionism,
141. Einstein Archives 28-475

Albert Einstein

The school of life is chaotic and planless, while the
school system operates according to a defi nite
plan. . . . That explains . . . why education is such an
important political instrument: there is always the
danger that it may become an object of exploitation
by contending political groups.
From a message to the New Jersey Education Association,
Atlantic City, November 10, 1939. Published in Nathan
and Norden, Einstein on Peace, 389. Einstein Archives

Albert Einstein

*It is a very grave mistake to think that the joy of
seeing and searching can be promoted by means of
coercion and a sense of duty. . . . I believe that it
would be possible to rob even a healthy beast of
prey of its voraciouslness . . . with the aid of a whip,
to force the beast to devour continuously, even when
not hungry.
Written in 1946 for “Autobiographical Notes,” 17–19

Logo Design Service

Logo Design Service

A Quick Guide To Climbing Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

The majestic and awe-inspiring Mount Kinabalu is one of the premier destinations for thousands of visitors to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo each year. Kinabalu National Park, a designated World Heritage Site, boasts an estimated 4,500 species of plants which includes 1,500 species of orchids, 77 of which are endemic to Kinabalu, Nepenthes pitcher plants, and the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. The Park also supports 289 species of birds and 290 different types of butterflies.


Malapascua is an island part of Daan Bantayan, North of Cebu. For Cebuano’s Malapascua is not an alien destination as it is very known to boast a next-to-Boracay Paradise without being overrated and as tourist infested as Boracay is. Going to Malapascua is a 5-hour bus ride from Cebu City where you will be dropped to Maya, place in Daan Bantayan where you can catch a 45-minute boat ride from there to the white sand coast of Malapascua.
Day 1
5:45 AM Saturday morning
We grabbed our backpacks and headed for the North Bus Terminal, where the assembly place is. The agreed time was 6 a.m. Irik and Karmil were the first to arrive there.


Originally named “Isla de los Alcatraces”, or “Island of the Pelicans” it was later changed and shortened to Alcatraz. Today looking out from the island visitors see a picturesque view from the Golden Gate Bridge, and downtown San Francisco, to the Bay Bridge, and Treasure Island. One can for a moment imagine this location as the setting of a luxurious resort. Turning from the views outside the island to its interior contents however, quickly brings back the notion that this island was the scene of a less comfortable history.


Well, off I was to to the ferry at the bottom of Bay Street, to go to Center Island and meet my friend Sue Kenney, a fascinating woman who I have already written about a couple of times. What a beautiful feeling, for an occasionally frustrated office worm like me to get out in the middle of the day, hop on the ferry and enjoy the skyline of Toronto, viewed from the tranquility of the islands.


Ever had the feeling that you've been somewhere before? Well, even if you've never been to the French Riviera Restaurant in Los Cabos, the experience will leave you with a new kind of déjà vu, one that makes you wish you had been there before. The owners and staff...

It was originally called The Big Heart.

Who would play the little girl who didn’t believe in Santa Claus? Seaton agonized over it, until the assistant director remembered an amazing child prodigy from Santa Rosa, California who could cry on cue. Her name was Natasha Nikolaevna Gurdin renamed Natalie Wood after director Sam Wood .

A Few Ideas For Weekend Road Trips

Tennessee, Johnson City to Gatlinburg

So dang gorgeous, these 90 miles of rural Tennessee might inspire you to grab a banjo and strum an Appalachian love song.
Take U.S. Route 11E toward Davy Crockett’s birthplace (Everyone: “Born on a mountaintop…”). At Greenville, where two
homes of Andrew Johnson anchor a presidential historic site, veer onto U.S. Route 321, skirting the majestic Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. Next day, depending on your preference, visit the park or, for mountains of a different kind, nearby Dollywood.

A Cruising Honeymoon

Today more than ever newly married couples of all ages are opting for cruise honeymoons. What could be better after months and months of high-stress and preparation of the wedding than for the couple to be able to lay back, relax and not have to think of anything other than each other? No cares about anything. It’s all been done for you. Along with being a carefree vacation choice cruises are generally very affordable. Lodging, entertainment, food and all shipboard activities included in the price.

A Castle on Oregon’s Coast

Oregon’s coastline is full of secrets: veiled pleasures and surprises, clandestine, deserted beaches and hidden gems peppering the towns in the form of lodgings or eateries.
But perhaps the most stunning secret on all of Oregon’s coast lies just outside of the art and culture mecca of Cannon Beach, on the north coast. There’s a castle a bit south of town, hidden behind the walls of trees just north of the Arch Cape Tunnel. You can become king and queen here, at this insanely romantic spot that smacks of something between the Bavarian castle that inspired Disneyland’s signature structure and the Oregon ski lodge featured in “The Shining.”

22 Lanzarote Attractions – Mirador Del Rio, Jameous Del Agua and La Cueva de los Verdes

It is possible to do these three attractions in a single day providing you set out early and plan your day.
As we live in Playa Blanca, we travelled north on the LZ-2 via San Bartholme and Teguise into the mountains in the north where we made our first stop at the Mirador Del Rio. This is a cafeteria cut into the mountains in the north and has the most spectacular views of the island you could possible want to see, so a camera is a must.

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