Cube Points Add_on WordPress Plugin

Hi hello every one:

I am developed a new add on “Request Payment” for the plugin Cube points.

What is do and how is work?

Ok let me start from the begin,

i have develop this plugin for give the user the ability to Request withdraw of they virtual coins

In to bitcoins on my case but you can use other currency’s Like Paypal etc no limits.

The request will be done by email and i will teach you to use with Mail Chimp Form.

after the user archive x points they will request the payment by send an email to admin.

On the future updates he will send automatic the email to admin after to reach the limit.


In My case i use  Media Coins but if you want implement your own name for the coins, just ask me for support

You can view all type of ways to contact me on the page contact us.

you can use a short code to place the name and coins available on any page, i will build a tutorial very soon

This Add On Its For Sale For a Very Short Money To Help Me Make This Add On With More Option.

You Can Download Cube Points Plugin From The WordPress Repository

[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] Cube Points Plugin[/button]

You Can View This add on Work On The Video Bellow:

12.50 €