The Macrauchaneia was a prehistoric mammal with a llama’s... 1

Every night at 8:30, the city of Providence, RI, blinks its... 2

Divorce might be genetic. Recent studies focused on people who... 2

did-you-kno:In the 1800s, atheist George Hull had an argument... 2

The Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair.... 2

In 2012, JC Penney got rid of all sales, discounts, and coupons... 2

did-you-kno:Human fingers can detect nano-size objects. This... 2

Your body is younger than you. No matter how old you are, most... 2

did-you-kno:Nikola Tesla once paid an overdue hotel bill with a... 2

There’s an organization that takes seniors and others with... 2

If you want to remember the details of an event, live-Tweet it.... 2

Quick, Draw! is a free online game that prompts you to draw... 2

did-you-kno:In 1990, the state of South Dakota got rid of... 2

There’s a device that lets you dive underwater for 45... 2

There’s a Michigan high school where the students wear costumes... 2

When you’re upset or angry, silently talking to yourself in the... 2

did-you-kno:Rajiv Surendra, the actor who played Kevin G, the... 2

The FBI views animal abuse as a very serious crime. They track... 2

did-you-kno:In the early 1900s, people loved collecting their... 2

Dinosaurs may have been just minutes away from surviving... 2

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