The Last Questions and answers 2017- (ebook)

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The Last Questions and answers 2017-

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : For
reason I love Kim Kardashian.,What is your
reason for NOat liking her?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Do you like
Mariah Carey?
What do you think of her? Do you like her voice and her style?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Melanie
Martinez accused of rape. What do you
Melanie Martinez was accused of raping her former best friend, a women named Timothy
Heller. You can find the story if you look on Timothy’s twitter. Melanie denies it. Do you believe
that she raped Timothy or not and why?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Why is Kim
Kardashian famous she literally has no
talent at all?
The defintion of talent is a gift that many people do not have or being able to do something
many people can’t do. Something special and unique is talented. Kim karashian post nudes
online and she is famous. Posting nude selfies online is no talented anybody could do that.



The Last Questions and answers 2017- (ebook)


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